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Toys by nature

Small family business in Hereford making Montessori and Waldorf inspired wooden children toys

Our story


We are Kate and Zed, a husband and wife team living in Hereford, UK.
We make every toy by hand in our workshop. Here is our story:
We have two active boys and a little girl who inspire us every day.
I always loved children so became a graduated nursery teacher over 15 years ago.
In these years I learned how children develop during their play, physical education, psychology, and much more.
Zed used to work with metal but always had a desire for wood. We made a rocker for our little ones. They enjoyed it so much that we decided to create Toys By Nature so we can make other’s children happy, too.
We are passionate about our children’s future so we make sure every product we ship is made of the best quality, locally sourced eco-friendly materials to the highest standards to create a toy, which will last generations.

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