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Toys by nature

Small family business in Hereford making Montessori and Waldorf inspired wooden children toys


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Simply place the Bug Rocker on its side and the table top locks into place using the handholds already present on the rocker, creating a secure and safe area ideal for play, work, and snacks.

Comes with one of our Trofast insert of your choice.
Create a light table with our Light table Trofast insert by adding a battery operated light into the tray.

The Ikea Trofast box is levelled with the top of the table so putting one of our Trofast inserts into it creates a flat surface where you can enjoy playing.

Please note that the IKEA’s Trofast tray and Bug rocker is not included.

Price is for the ConverTable only, accessories are for illustration purposes only.

Weight11 kg
Dimensions115 × 60 × 3.6 cm
Trofast insert

Alphabet lowercase, Alphabet uppercase, Labyrinth, Light table, Lines and crosses, Small Swiss cheese, Spiral, Squiggles, Swiss cheese, Three by four


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